Ophthalmology case

Fábio Barroso, Ana Lachado, Luísa Carreira, Gilberta Santos, José Pombeiro, Vasco Miranda


Introduction: Limbal dermoids are benign congenital tumours that contain choristomatous elements. These lesions are present at birth but may not be easily identified until later in life.

Case report: We report a case of a one-day-old newborn, female, with no relevant gestational or neonatal history, referred to our pediatric ophthalmologic unit because of a whitish round mass in the inferotemporal limbus of the left eye. Clinical examination confirmed the diagnosis of limbal dermoid cyst, and she was referred to ophthalmologic consultation for clinical follow-up.

Discussion: The diagnosis of limbal dermoids is established by the presence of a yellow/white solid tumour located at the limbus. These lesions have been classified into three grades. The treatment for grade I pediatric limbal dermoids is initially conservative. In stages II and III, a combination of simple excision, lamellar keratoplasty, sutureless amniotic membrane and limbal stem cell tranplantation may be necessary. Prognosis is generally favourable.


limbal dermoid; dermoid cyst; ocular surface; amblyopia

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