Genes, Children and Pediatricians

Joana Correia, Marta Rios, Paula Ferreira, Esmeralda Martins, Anabela Bandeira


A male newborn, presenting hipotonia and posterior parietal bossing, developed, in the first 12 hours of life, refusal to feed and hypoglycaemia. A cranial ultrasound, skull X-ray and CT scan revealed an occipital and parietal fracture with an underlying haematoma and extensive extracranial soft-tissue swelling. He was submitted to surgical drainage. After 24 hours: new intracerebral bleeding. At the age of two-months he presented abnormal skin and sparse kinky hair. Serum copper and caeruloplasmin levels were below the normal range. Molecular diagnosis of Menkes disease was made by the identification of a new mutation in ATP7A gene.


Congenital fractures; intracerebral bleeding; sparse kinky hair

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Tümer Z, Moller LB. Menkes disease. Eur JHum Genet 2010,

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