Ana Maria Ferreira, Joana Silva, Virginia Monteiro, Susana Tavares, Ricardo Araújo, Cristina Rocha


Subaponeurotic fluid collection (SFC) is a benign cranial swelling and, probably, underdiagnosed, which arises a few weeks after birth.
We describe a case of an infant with a history of a vacuum delivery and a posterior cephalohematoma reabsorbed during the neonatal period. At two months of age, develops a soft, non-tender, translucent and painless right posterior swelling without any inflammatory signs. The infant remained clinically stable, without other changes on physical examination and summary analytical study. Cranial nuclear magnetic resonance showed a subgaleal fluid collection. The diagnosis of SFC was suported and a conservative attitude was decided, with full reversal two months after.
Despite the impact of their clinical presentation, it is a benign entity that health care providers should be able to identify and manage.


Infant; scalp swelling; subaponeurotic fluid collection

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