After the age of 35, what are Southern Europeans’ intentions with regard to having children?

Rita Freitas, Maria Filomena Mendes, Andreia Maciel



Because low fertility is common in Southern European countries and considering that in recent decades both men and women have been postponing their fertility projects, it is of our interest to study the determinants of reproductive decision-making. Particularly, of Southern Europeans older than 35, age from which it is considered that those who have no children, or that have only one child, have postponed their fertility projects. The findings show that negative perceptions about the situation of the country inhibit the process of having a child, specially the second one. This paper reports to the importance of considering values and perceptions of individuals about their lives and the situation of the country as predictors of fertility behaviour.


baixa fecundidade; adiamento da fecundidade; valores e atitudes; Europa do sul

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