i At the time 250 meticais equalled around 3.9USD and the minimum monthly wage for agriculture work was 3183 meticais, equal to 49.4 USD (República de Moçambique, 2015).

ii Ganho-ganho is a Portuguese term that is mainly used in Mozambique,

iii The soya bean case was confirmed in an interview with the company providing seeds and promising a market. Due to weak cash flow and unexpectedly high adherence, payments did not occur as planned.

iv Data provided by the director of JFS/SAN. In an email (22 January 2016) he later provided the following numbers for producers: 26 400 (2015), 31 900 (2014), 23 350 (2013) and 41 480 (2012).

v See Åkesson & Nilsson (2006) for the importance of ajuda mútua.