A descoberta de biomarcadores de resistência ao míldio através de metabolómica baseada em espectrometria de massa

  • Marisa Maia
  • António E.N. Ferreira
  • Ana P. Marques
  • Joana Figueiredo
  • Ana Ponces Freire
  • Carlos Cordeiro
  • Andreia Figueiredo
  • Marta Sousa Silva


Downy mildew is a major threat to the wine industry and the development of hybrids between Vitis vinifera and wild resistant Vitis species is a promising strategy to cope with this disease. The discovery of metabolic markers associated with grapevine resistance is paramount. In this work we aim at speeding up the assignment of innate resistance to downy mildew in grapevine cultivars by applying high-resolution mass-spectrometry- based untargeted metabolomics as a profiling and resistance marker discovery method. We compared the susceptible cultivar ‘Trincadeira’ with the more resistant one ‘Regent’. Both cultivars could be easily discriminated based on their metabolic profile and we found several peak features exclusive of each variety.


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