Responsible research and innovation: theoretical and political challenges


  • Andoni Eizagirre Mondragon Unibertsitatea



investigación e innovación resposables, gobernanza, ciencia, sociedad


The present article postulates the value of the new ways of looking at the relations between science, technology, public / policies and society. On the one hand, Science and Technology Studies / foreshadow / alternative models for understanding the governance of science. On the other, within the institutional framework at the heart of the “Horizon 2020” strategy, the political language associated with responsible research and innovation (RRI) is gaining in importance, arguing that those who engage in research and engineering activities should do a better job of aligning their processes and outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of European society. The article offers a critical dialogue between the theoretical advances and the new political language, and suggests that the significance, scope and application of an RRI-based focus will depend on the economic and sociopolitical dynamics by which science and technology are instrumentalised and regulated.

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Andoni Eizagirre, Mondragon Unibertsitatea

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