Territorial ageing-proof citizen participation

Four case studies of citizen senior integration models in the French Gran-Est


  • Marion Scheider Réseau d’étude international sur l’âge, la citoyenneté et l’intégration socio-économique
  • Thibauld Moulaert REIACTIS, Professeur associé à l’Université de Sherbrooke, Professeur invité à la Haute École de la Province de Namur (HEPN) et collaborateur scientifique à l’Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) et à l’Université de Liège (ULG)


senior citizen participation, territory, senior-friendly cities, senior-friendly communities


This article proposes to shed new light on the way in which the elders take place these days in the redefinition of their territories of life by crossing the contributions of the works on participative democracy and on aging to the prism of the Cities and Friendly Communities of Seniors. Based on the analysis of four case studies of citizen integration of seniors in the French Grand-Est, it brings together the frameworks of elders' citizen participation and their local applications. To do so, it begins by putting into context the subject of study, namely the place of the elders in the debates and public decisions. Secondly, it lays down some of the scientific debates on the principles of participatory democracy and one of its possible territorial translations, namely the prospect for Cities and Friendly Communities of the Elders. In a third section, the portrait of the four case studies is presented before the last part presents the first results of the analysis. Finally, the article looks at the limitations of the study and opens up a series of research perspectives.






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