Poverty, Social Exclusion, and Life Cycle Transitions: (Re) Tracing Common Trajectories (ln) in European Context

  • Isabel Baptista CESIS
  • Ana Cardoso CESIS
  • Pedro Perista CESIS
Keywords: poverty, social exclusion, dynamic analysis, life cycle transitions


This text is the result of the research carried out as part of a transnational project under the European Union's TSER Programme, which ran from 1997 to 2000, the main subject of which is the Panel on the Union's private households European Union. In this project, the dynamic and comparative analysis of the data - between the countries represented in the study - was emphasized, using the second and third vacancies corresponding to the years 1995 and 1996, the most recent ones currently available. This article reports on the main results obtained regarding the relationship between poverty and social exclusion, focusing on a specific focus on the analysis of four life-cycle transitions: transition to adult life; for single parenting; to an illness / disability situation; and for retirement. Thus, along with the persistence of structural problems of Portuguese society, which are transversal to all transitions, we can identify problems that specifically affect each of these groups, contributing to their greater or lesser vulnerability to the phenomena of poverty and exclusion Social.