Gypsies Seen by Others: Inter-Ethnic Coexistence in Urban Spaces

  • Alexandra Castro CET-ISCTE
  • Isabel Duarte CET-ISCTE
  • Joana Afonso CET-ISCTE
  • Mafalda Sousa CET-ISCTE
  • Margarida Salgueiro CET-ISCTE
  • Maria João Lobo Antunes Universidade de Coimbra
Keywords: gypsies, community, space, social representations, inter-ethnic coexistence, inter-ethnic relations, race and racism


This article summarizes the main results of the research "Inter-ethnic coexistence, spaces and social representations: the gypsies seen by others". This research focused on the Roma community in three spaces of co-presence (residential, professional and occasional spaces), in an attempt to understand to what extent the practices and social representations that non-gypsies had about gypsies - practices and social representations marked by (missed)encounters of sporadic and / or everyday nature - varied according to the nature of each space.