Social and Urban Impacts of the Vasco da Gama Bridge: Local Economy, Housing and Living Conditions in Evaluation

  • Ana Cotrim CET-ISCTE
  • Ana Runa CET-ISCTE
  • Lisete Almeida CET-ISCTE
  • Luís Wemans CET-ISCTE
  • Teresa Amor CET-ISCTE
Keywords: impact evaluation, social impacts, local economy, rehousing, life conditions, real estate market


This article is the result of a project developed for Lusoponte and whose main objective was to "assess the social impacts caused by the construction of the Vasco da Gama Bridge on economy, housing and living conditions." Specifically, this project was structured into four studies, each of them with specific objectives and own methodological strategies: Impact assessment at the local economy level - functional structure and local economies; Evaluation of the impacts caused by relocation processes; Impact assessment in terms of the housing real estate sector and land rent; Assessment of impacts on the living conditions of local populations. This article follows closely the logic of the project itself. In this sense, a summary of the main results of each of the studies is presented. In this way, a compromise solution was sought between the amount of information collected and produced during the research and the limitations of space necessarily imposed on an article of this nature.