Minority subalternity/skills and integration policies: Sub-saharan African Immigrants in France

  • Roselyne de Villanova CNRS Architecture Urbanistique Société
Keywords: immigrants, skills, subalternity, participation and citizenship, sub-sahariana


How do the urban policies of today think of the integration of immigrants and other minorities in geographical mobility affected by the problem of spatial exclusion? The contradictory question of mobility and "assignation à résidence"? How can we think of the various forms of sedentarization (double residence, seminomadism, seasonal work) in a single model? How do countries confront mobility today and tomorrow? What is the relevance of integration policies? My purpose is to clarify these issues through an African population and social and housing action policies, in the French example; and call attention to a model of integration and assistance that may not produce dynamics or generate capacities in other cultures, but rather passivity. It is interesting to see and confront the differences between the model and the capacities, the cultural potential and the skills of the discriminated population.