From the territory to the subjects: the social construction of the concept of quality of life

  • Teresa Costa Pinto DINÂMIA'CET-IUL
Keywords: quality of life, subjective perception, social construction


Maintaining the quality approach that was developed in previous articles of this journal, that is, the notion that quality of life refers to a multiplicity of relational aspects between individuals, with their personal and social characteristics, and the environment, understood as both defining the conditions of life and allowing a set of opportunities and constraints, it is particularly interesting in this article to understand how the subjects evaluate, appropriate and judge the personal resources and those of the environment in terms of quality of life, this is how they build their notion of quality of life. It is therefore a question of deepening the most subjective questions present in the construction of the notion of quality of life and respective forms of evaluation, giving an account of a course that, starting from the "territory", seems to have led to " subjects. "