Dispersion of Urbanization in Territory: Perspectives and Challenges

  • Francesco Indovina Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia
Keywords: crowding, dispersion, densification, urban condition, city explosion, territorial metropolis


We propose to distinguish between the physical city, its morphology, and the urban condition, or the life that unravels in the city. Usually these two aspects are considered inseparable, after all it is the history of the city that presents this link to us, but the evolution of the processes of a new settlement suggests that the urban condition is also achieved outside the compact city. A confirmation of the "need" of the city for the human species. If managed with long-range vision, this phenomenon can lead to the realization of the territorial metropolis. Again, this is a metropolitan condition outside the traditional modes of organization of the metropolis, which makes the metropolitan condition accessible to an extensive population without the negative elements of the great agglomeration.