The Road Street

  • Álvaro Domingues
Keywords: road, street, city, urban, transgenic


The Street Road is an essay on the metamorphosis of urbanization. What is known as "city" is only a part, increasingly a minority of the urbanized territory. As for the rest, since we perceive almost nothing, we invent generic and abstract words - suburb, periphery, diffuse urbanization, etc. -, which are a way to circumvent knowledge with the illusion of knowledge. Worse than that, since we do not comprehend it, we issue hasty judgments - ugly, chaos, disorganization, etc. -, alleged explanations resorting to what indeed needs to be explained.

The Street Road is a way of perceiving one side of "transgenic" urbanization, a form and a process that combines codes, architectures, functions, etc., that we usually understand in other contexts and that are mixed here. The truth is that the infrastructure has always been a generator of urbanity. The road and everything in its underlying structure carries water, waste water, energy, fiber optics, it is a logic of urbanization and not its perversion. To circulate is to live.