Territory and Migration Dynamics in the Azores

  • Gilberta Pavão Nunes Rocha CES-UA
  • Eduardo Ferreira CES-UA
Keywords: migrations, territory, population, Azores


The specificity of models and systems that usually characterize the mobility of archipelagos in their various components, mean that, in many cases, the islands can be seen simultaneously as attracting nodes, marginal territories, with a markedly repulsive tendency, and spaces where migratory movements are easily confused with movements of people, lending them a dynamic and demographic structure of their own.

In the case of the archipelago of the Azores, and as several analyzes have shown, the diversity of the demographic characteristics of the nine islands that compose it, has also depended to a great extent on mobility. Thus, this article intends to present an integrated and summarized perspective on the main migratory dynamics that characterize the archipelago and its impact in terms of the reinforcement of a fragmented and diverse territory.