About the Journal

Aims and Scope

The NASCER E CRESCER - BIRTH AND GROWTH MEDICAL JOURNAL is addressed to all health professionals and the general scientific community with an interest in the area of Maternal-Fetal, Neonatal, and Paediatric. The main objective is the dissemination of scientific, accurate, updated and the promotion of research, and its content consists of original articles, review articles, case reports, opinion articles and abstracts of presentations in scientific meetings.

The journal belongs to the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto and is under the coordination of the Department of Education, Training, and Research (DEFI). Its publication is quarterly. The management of scientific content is the responsibility of the editorial board.

Manuscripts should follow the instructions to authors and must be submitted electronically through the journal’s website at SARC - RCAAP should be written in English.

Peer Review Process

After submission, the articles are subject to a first evaluation by the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors, to assess fulfillment with section policies, general standards, originality, the relevance of the topic, clarity, appropriateness to the scope of the journal, and screening for plagiarism.

If the manuscript fulfills all these criteria, it is forward for peer-review. This process is double-blind and is carried out by two or more external reviewers, national or international, specialized in the scientific area.

In case that the articles do not fulfill any of the items indicated above, they can be returned to the authors with suggestions for correction or rejected automatically.

Reviewers are advised to check technical quality, clarity of writing (English / Portuguese), relevance and originality criteria. The journal is looking for a critical a rigorous report of the research design, experiments, data handling, and statistical analysis. In the event of disagreement between reviewers’ recommendations, the manuscript may be forwarded to a third reviewer.

Finished the reviewing process, the corresponding author will be informed of the reviewers' opinions and the chief editor's preliminary editorial decision. When suggestions are made, the authors have one month to resubmit a corrected version, considering the reviewer’s comments.

For this purpose, authors must submit two documents in Word format on the system: an updated version of the article highlighting the changes made, and a document containing a reply point by point to all comments delivered by the reviewers (if applicable). Those documents will be re-evaluated by editors and original reviewers and a new decision will be made. They could suggest further changes, acceptance of publication or rejection.

The final decision of Editor-in-chief will be communicated to the corresponding author by e-mail.

Publishers reserve the right to make such changes as they deem necessary, without compromising the content of originals received.

Open Access Policy

This journal offers immediate free access to its content, following the principle that providing free scientific knowledge to the public provides greater global democratization of knowledge.

The works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International license.

Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Publication ethics

NASCER E CRESCER – Birth and Growth Medical Journal is committed to meeting and upholding standards of ethical behavior at all stages of the publication process. We comply the recommendations of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE), Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and World Association of Medical.
Below is the summary of key expectations for authors, editors, and reviewers.

It is the responsibility of authors, editors, editorial board and reviewers to comply with the ethical rules and current publication standards.
Articles published in the journal are available under a Creative Commons license and the management of scientific content is the responsibility of the editorial and scientific board.


Authors’ responsibilities

  • Ensure the respect of ethical and deontological principles, as well as legislation and standards applicable, as recommended by the Helsinki Declaration.
  • To provide a copy of the written consent of the patient and the approval of the Ethics Committee, statement of conflict of interest and financial support.
  • Confirm that the manuscript submitted is not under consideration or accepted for publication in another journal.
  • Confirm that the submitted article is original and that information from other sources is cited correctly. 
  • Cooperate with the editor and publisher to clarify any matter related to the submitted article.

Editors’ responsibilities

  • Establish, define and provide a clear statement of the Journal’s editorial policies and standards.
  • Provide guidelines to authors for correct writing and submission of manuscripts.
  • Establish an effective and rapid system of peer-review.
  • Assigning papers for review appropriate to each reviewer’s area of interest and expertise.
  • Make editorial decisions in a timely manner and communicate them clearly and constructively.
  • Develop and provide mechanisms for detecting plagiarism.
  • Establish a process to ensure that the manuscript is treated as a confidential document and that reviewers complete the review promptly.

Reviewers’ responsibilities

  • Contribute to a process of correct decision-making and guide the authors in improving the quality of the document published, by reviewing the manuscript objectively and timely.
  • Maintain confidentiality of the review process: not sharing, discussing with third parties, or disclosing information from the reviewed paper.
  • Alert the editor to any published or submitted content that is substantially similar to that under review.
  • To be aware of any potential conflicts and alert the editor to these.
  • Avoid personal comments or criticism.
  • Comply with the editor's instructions on the journal's expectations regarding the purpose, content, and quality of the review.
  • Provide a thoughtful, fair, constructive and informative critique of the submitted work.
  • Point out relevant published work which is not yet cited.

Publisher responsibilities

  • Ensure that the Journal complies with the stipulated standards.



Procedures for dealing with unethical behavior

Identification of unethical behavior

Misconduct behavior may include but need not to be limited to: the mistreatment of research subjects, misconduct of data treatment and plagiarism.
Misconduct and unethical behavior can be identified by anyone at any time. Sufficient information and evidence shall be provided to initiate an investigation. All claims should be taken seriously and treated in the same way until a successful decision or conclusion is reached.


All evidence must be collected, avoiding false claims.

The editor should identify the type of breaches:

  • Minor breaches of conduct can be addressed without the need to consult more widely. In all cases, the author(s) should have the opportunity to defend themselves against any allegations.
  • Serious breaches may require legal actions. It is up to the editor, after consulting the publisher and editorial/scientific board, to make the most convenient decision.


  • In the event of misunderstandings, the editor should explain to the authors how to avoid similar situations in the future.
  • The editor may send a letter of warning to the authors and/or reviewers, referring the misconduct behavior.
  • Publication of a formal notice or retracting statement detailing the misconduct.
  • Report the case to the competent authorities to carry out further investigations and possible actions of punishment.

Journal History

Since its inception in 1992, the NASCER E CRESCER - BIRTH AND GROWTH MEDICAL JOURNAL is published on a quarterly basis in March, June, September, and December. It has a strong presence in the national pediatric community currently lying in his 29th year of regular publication.

Edited so far on paper by the Centro Hospitalar Universitário do Porto has the Electronic International Standard Serial Number (E-ISSN) 2183-9417.

It is indexed and summarized in some of the most important international databases of scientific papers: SciELO, DOAJ, REDIB, Embase/Excerpta medica, Catálogo Latindex and Index das Revistas Médicas Portuguesas.