Imaging clinical case


  • Joana Brandão Silva Pediatrics Department, Unidade 2, Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho
  • Mafalda Santos Pediatric Orthopedics Department, Unidade 2, Centro Hospitalar Vila Nova de Gaia/Espinho



knee, overuse injury, Sinding-Larsen-Johansson syndrome


A ten-year-old soccer practitioner female presented with right anterior knee pain lasting one month and exacerbated by running, with no constitutional symptoms or recent trauma. Physical examination revealed pain on the inferior pole of the patella and infrapatellar swelling.
Lateral radiography of the right knee revealed fragmentation of the lower pole of the patella. These findings are suggestive of Sinding- Larsen-Johansson syndrome, an osteochondrosis that affects the extensor mechanism of the knee and is a self-limited condition. The patient was treated with analgesics, rest, and abstention from sports activity during four weeks, with progressive improvement.


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