Persistent fever and hemoptoic sputum – clinical case


  • Sara Mosca Department of Pediatrics, Centro Materno-Infantil do Norte, Centro Hospitalar Universitário Porto
  • Adriana Magalhães Department of Pneumology, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João
  • Isabel Couto Guerra Department of Pediatrics, Centro Materno-Infantil do Norte, Centro Hospitalar Universitário Porto
  • Inês Azevedo Department of Pediatrics, Centro Hospitalar Universitário de São João; Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Pediatrics, Faculdade de Medicina, Universidade do Porto; EpiUnit, Instituto de Saúde Pública da Universidade do Porto, Universidade do Porto



adolescent, aspiration, bronchoscopy, pneumonia


Foreign body aspiration (FBA) is a common and serious problem in children. Considering that signs and symptoms can be non-specific and subtle, it is of utmost importance to recognize vulnerable patient groups, combine an accurate history with complete physical examination, and follow a structured diagnostic approach towards correct diagnosis. In the present case, a high index of suspicion was essential to prevent a delay in FBA diagnosis, discuss the appropriate management strategy and improve patient outcomes.


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