Vesicle and bullae eruption


  • Mariana Lopes Costa Department of Pediatrics, Centro Hospitalar de Leiria
  • Maria Manuel Zarcos Department of Pediatrics, Centro Hospitalar de Leiria
  • Felicidade Santiago Department of Dermatology, Centro Hospitalar de Leiria



acyclovir, blister, exanthema, herpes zoster


Varicella-zoster virus primoinfection, known as varicella or chickenpox, is very common in children. However, zoster reinfection is uncommon at this age, being sometimes associated with a history of varicella in the mother during pregnancy, child immunosuppression, or local trauma.
In this case report, the authors present an exuberant form of zoster infection in a three-year-old boy with no prior history of varicella.


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