Erythematous lumps in a newborn: Challenges in specific settings




newborn, poor resources, subcutaneous fat necrosis


A term female newborn weighing 4190 g was born by cesarean section due to prolonged labor and meconium-stained fluid in a regional hospital in Guinea-Bissau. Bag-mask ventilation was required, and Apgar scores were six and eight at 1 and 5 minutes, respectively. On the third day of life, the newborn presented with erythematous and indurated plaques on the axillary region, posterior trunk, buttocks, and thighs, as well as irritability. The clinical diagnosis of subcutaneous fat necrosis (SCFN) was established. Due to the very limited availability of bloods tests in the considered hospital setting, it was not possible to monitor blood calcium levels. The newborn was discharged on day ten, with clinical improvement.
These cases are usually self-limited, but their management can be difficult without adequate resources. Still, SCFN should be diagnosed and managed to the best of available resources.


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