Sever’s disease: A diagnosis to remember


  • Daniela Costa Vieira General Practice/Family Medicine, USF Nascente, ACeS Gondomar
  • Sara Martins Pinto General Practice/Family Medicine, USF Nascente, ACeS Gondomar
  • Ângela Santos França General Practice/Family Medicine, USF Nascente, ACeS Gondomar
  • Margarida Trigo Silva General Practice/Family Medicine, USF Nascente, ACeS Gondomar
  • Claudia Paniagua General Practice/Family Medicine, USF Nascente, ACeS Gondomar



calcaneus, disabling pain, growth plate, inflammatory process, physical activity


Sever’s disease, or calcaneal apophysitis, results from a local inflammatory process at the calcaneal growth plate and is one of the most common causes of disabling heel pain in physically active children.
Herein is described the case of a ten-year-old child with chronic insidious pain in the left heel associated with physical activity. Physical examination led to the diagnosis of Sever’s disease. After appropriate treatment, a marked improvement in the child’s clinical status was noted.
As a common cause of heel pain in children, this condition can be identified and diagnosed in primary care, with the family physician being responsible for its management and explaining its benign nature.


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