A Psychological and Communitarian Perspective of Early Attention to Psychoses

  • J.L. Tizón EAPPP Director & Ramon Llul University
  • J. Artigue EAPPP, Barcelona
  • Y. Quijada EAPPP, Barcelona
  • A. Oriel EAPPP, Barcelona
  • B. Parra Social Work Department, University of Barcelona
Palavras-chave: Psychosis, Community Program First Episode, At‐risk Mental State, Health Care


The authors discuss the characteristics and the preliminary findings of the Prevention in Mental Health ‐ EAPPP (Early Detection & Attention of Patients with Risk of Psychosis), a team inserted in the public Primary Health Care System of Barcelona, Spain. Special attention is given to the four core domains of the team work: selection of target populations, the system for detection of first episode psychosis (FEP) and at‐risk mental state (ARMS) subjects in the community, the close relationship with the social and educational systems, and the psychoanalytic components of the inter‐paradigmatic framework. The community focused work and the psycholog‐ ical and inter‐paradigmatic framework are core differential components of the EAPPP unit in the field of EPA (early psychosis attention).