The Course of Schizophrenia: E. Kraepelin's View and Current Studies

  • Norbert Müller Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich
  • Hans-Jürgen Möller Psychiatry Department, Ludwig-Maximilians-University
Palavras-chave: esquizophrenia, kraepelin


Kraepelin's concept of dementia praecox and Bleuler's concept of the group of schizophrenias differ mainly under the aspect of course of the disorder. Follow-up studies play an important role for research regarding course, outcome and prognosis of psychiatric disorders, especially in terms of validation of psychiatric diagnosis and other psychiatric concepts, such as the concept of schizophrenic negative symptoms. Long-term studies also have their place in the description and evaluation of first treatment procedures. This paper will describe some general aspects of the long-term course and outcome of schizophrenic psychoses. The problem of relapses and relapse prevention will then be discussed. Especially data from recent studies will be considered in this overview.