Trajectories and generational attitudes: temporalities and attitudes in relation to education, work and consumption among three generations of young Spaniards and Portuguese

  • José Duran Vázquez Universidad de Vigo
  • Eduardo Duque


The objective of this study was to analyse the biographic trajectories of three generations of young Spaniards and Portuguese (1935-1945, 1955-1965, 1975-1985) in terms of their attitudes towards the world of education, work and consumption. The researchers used various Relatórios da Juventude (Youth Reports), which have regularly been published since 1960. The results permit a number of conclusions: the 1935-45 generation was the most heavily influenced by the work ethic; the 1955-65 generation was the first to share certain values regarding all three areas; those who were teenagers in 1975-85 are the generation that is the most highly socialised in terms of consumer values, which are in turn likely to have a greater influence on the educational and work-related fields.

Author Biography

José Duran Vázquez, Universidad de Vigo
Profesor sociología universidad de vigo