Relationship of maturation with anthropometric and physical valences in sports initiation boys and girls

Breno Guilherme Cabral, Suzet de Araujo Cabral, Radamés Marciel Medeiros, Tabata Alcatara, Paulo Moreira Silva Dantas



The aim of this study was to verify the influence of maturation in anthropometry and physical valences of young volleyball players, assessing the correlation between maturational state and other variables. The sample was composed of 149 children between 8 and 14 years. Chronological age and bone age as maturational predictor with the method of Grave-Brown (1976) were selected to assess the maturation state. As anthropometrics weight, height, ponderal index, biacromial diameter and bi-iliocristal diameter, perimeter of arm and leg, and perimeter of leg fixed were measured. In addition, it was also assessed the physical agility tests, coordination and explosive force of lower and upper limbs. All but ponderal index presents significant correlation with maturational state in girls. For boys, all correlations were significant except the ponderal index, agility and coordination. In both genders, the height and biacromial and bi-iliocristal diameter presented strong associations, allowing us to complete a correlation in maturational stage with the variable strength and anthropometric variables, as well as allows us to confirm the importance of evaluation from different variables when working with guidance and promotion of talent in the sport.

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