Leadership preferences behaviors and its influence on athletes’ performance


  • Maria Regina Ferreira Brandão
  • Débora Carchan




The main objective of this study was to evaluate volleyball athletes´ perception of the coach behavior and its relationship with the performance in games. For those, 12 male, Brazilian volleyball high-level players, with mean of age 20.6 years were evaluated through an open question: ―Do you see a relationship between the leadership style of your coach and your performance in games? The answers were analyzed through the Discourse of the Collective Subject. Data showed that 75% of the players tended to perceived the coach behavior as influencing directly their performance ("The coach leadership is essential for my performance"); 17% perceive it in a subordinate way ("Sometimes yes, sometimes, no, depends..."), and 8% perceived as no influence ("Leadership and performance are different"). In conclusion we can say that there is a tendency to perceive the coach behavior as directly connected with the performance.



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