Physical activity program improves aspects of depression physical fitness of chemical dependents


  • Marciel José Silva
  • Péricles Soares Bernardes
  • Amanda Rodrigues Borges
  • Viviane Soares



The aim of this study was to verify the effects of leisure time physical activity on the symptoms of anxiety and the body fitness of chemical dependents and analyzed some physical variables such as health promotion. By means of experimental study without control group in the Center of Rehabilitation and Amparo Bom Jardim - District of Interland - Anápolis - Goiás. Participated in the study 8 male adults, in voluntary treatment in the unit. Twelve interventions were performed. After an initial of intervention, the BECK anxiety and depression questionnaire and the physical fitness tests were applied before and after the. After the intervention, the participants performed a higher number of upper limb flexions (p = 0.03) and ran a greater distance (200m) in the cardiorespiratory fitness test (p = 0.002). It was recorded through the inventory of depression of BECK that 4 inmates were in a state of minimal depression and 4 had a moderate depression score. With the intervention the score was reduced from 9 (5) to 3 (3) (p <0.001).