Characterization of Bullying among schoolchildren: a survey conducted in the city of Anta Gorda - RS


  • Sandra Mara Mayer
  • Letícia Borniatti
  • Heloisa Elesbão
  • Leticia Borfe



The present study is characterized by being an exploratory descriptive study that aimed to verify the profile of 6th to 9th grade students from two public and private schools in the city of Anta Gorda, RS, which are targets of bullying, as well as identify the forms and places where the aggressions occur. The sample consisted of 257 students, aged between 11 and 17 years, students from two schools in the city of Anta Gorda, RS. For the collection of results was used a questionnaire, composed of four blocks, the first block contains questions that aim to identify the age, sex, year studied. In the remaining blocks are questions with alternatives, directed to the bullying, they question if the subject has already suffered bullying, as it happened and the place of the aggression. Statistical analysis was performed through the SPSS v. 23.0, considering a level of significance of p<0.05. The results indicated a significantly higher frequency (p = 0.049) of aggressions in the public school, having as main form of verbal aggression. The place where the aggressions took place differed between schools. The present study identified a very high rate of students who have already suffered bullying.