Effect of relative age in the sub-17 and sub-20 world-based selections


  • Rodrigo Oliveira Julião
  • César Milagres Silva
  • Wanda Costa Braga
  • Siomara Aparecida Silva




The present study aimed to investigate the presence of Relative Age Effects in the base selections that participated in the sub 17 and sub 20 world cups in the year 2017. The sample consisted of 462 athletes, of whom 231 were sub-17 and 231 were sub-20. All were divided by quartiles based on their birth month Q1 (January-March), Q2 (April-June), Q3 (July-September) and Q4 (October-December). A descriptive analysis of the data was performed. The results show a consistent superiority of athletes born in Q1 and Q2, in both categories, but with a small migration in the number of athletes for Q3 and Q4 in the sub 20 category. We conclude that the Effects of Relative Age was present in the two base world cup, sub 17 and sub 20 of 2017, and that there is no selection criterion based on the date of birth, but rather a tendency to choose more matured athletes in the base categories.