Does the level of physical fitness influence the stress and recovery levels in male athletes of water polo?


  • Mayllane Pereira da Silva Sousa Universidade Federal de Pernambuco
  • Carlos Gilberto de Freitas-Junior
  • Camilla Karen Bezerra da Silva
  • Gustavo Augusto Fernandes Correia
  • Eduardo Victor Ramalho Lucena
  • Pedro Pinheiro Paes



The objective of this study was to analyze whether the level of physical conditioning influences the stress and recovery of male athletes of water polo. Twelve athletes with two years of experience in the sport participated. The T30 Test was used 15 days before the competition, and after 24hrs of the last match, the athletes completed the questionnaire RestQ-76 Sports. Pearson's correlation was used, where the T30 presented significant relationships with the components of social stress, sleep, emotional exhaustion, personal fulfillment, and motivation of the trainer. It is concluded that better-conditioned athletes sleep and stress less, have a better relationship with the trainer, and are fulfilled with their functions.





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