Muscle dysmorphia: A quest for the hyper muscular body


  • Andréa Pires Azevedo
  • Alan Carvalho Ferreira
  • Priscila Pinto Da Silva
  • Iraquitan de Oliveira Caminha
  • Clara Monteiro de Freitas



Muscle dysmorphia has been identified both in men and women, causing changes in the perception of self image and sociocultural losses and in the health and well being. In this sense, the purpose of this study was to examine the sociocultural and psychological aspects and the use of ergogenic resources related to muscle dysmorphia as well to identify the risks promoted by the disorder. The participants included 20 individuals enrolled by the Internet. We used a questionnaire to gather data and document analysis to interpret the responses. The results showed that concerns about body image generate insecurity, low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority, which would be solved if people had beautiful and strong bodies. Muscle dysmorphia can increase the risk of using anabolic steroids and indiscriminate use of dietary supplements. We conclude that muscle dysmorphia causes suffering, psychological and sociocultural damage, and thus compromises the health of people.



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