Transmission of ideas about the human body by physical education teacher and school perceived reactions in students


  • Sergio Frank Carvalho
  • Sheila Aparecida Santos Silva
  • Vilma Leni Nista-Piccolo
  • Wagner Wey Moreira
  • Hugo Cesar Bueno Nunes



The present study investigates the ideas of the human body transmitted and grasped by the teachers of Physical Education in Basic Education classes. It was carried a research with Physical Education teachers using the following questions: What ideas about the human body are you transmitting in your Physical Education classes? Do you perceive the reactions of your students to these ideas? The analyses of the answers were methodologically followed in these moments: a) reading of the descriptions, b) elaboration of the units of meaning; c) ideographic analysis; d) nomothetic analysis. Results showed that teachers of Physical Education when transmitting ideas of restricted body in the physical dimension, they realized that the reactions of their students were directed to the concrete aspects of the body and to the aspects related to the behavior of the organisms; when they transmitted ideas of body focusing in the social dimension, they realized that their students demonstrated autonomy in social and cultural aspects. Finally, when they transmitted ideas of body in more including ways, they realized that their students related the physical activities to cognitive aspects. The results also showed that among the researched teachers, only one transmitted to the students the idea of the human body through inter-related physical, social and psychological knowledge.



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