Predictive role of coping on athletes




Football, Stress, Anxiety, Copping


This study investigated the relationship between coping strategies on stress and anxiety symptoms in under-20 soccer players. Twenty-three athletes from four teams from the 2019 Bahia Under-20 Championship participated. The Athletic Coping Strategy Inventory, the Daily Analysis of Life Demands in Athletes and the Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2R were used. Data analysis was conducted using Pearson’s correlation analysis and Multiple Linear Regression (p< 0.05). The results indicated that coping was related to anxiety at the beginning of the season (Cognitive, R2= 0.43; Self-confidence, R2= 0.30; p< 0.05). While, at the end of the season, with stress (R2= 0.18; p< 0.05), Anxiety (AC, R2= 0.66; p< 0.05). It is concluded that, at the end of the epoch, the magnitude of coping relationships on stress and anxiety were enhanced in young football players in the Under-20 category.

Keywords: Football, Stress, Anxiety, Copping.





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