Comparison of energy cost of maximal strength and local muscle endurance training in young women


  • Márcio Antonio Gonsalves Sindorf
  • Ricardo Adamoli Simões
  • Pamela Roberta Gomes Gonelli
  • Maria Imaculada de Lima Montebelo
  • Idico Luiz Pellegrinotti



The aim of this study was to compare the energy cost (EC) of two weight training protocols in young women. Twelve women between 18 and 29 years old participated in the study. All the volunteers were under one maximum repetition test (1RM), protocols of maximum strength training (MS), and local muscle endurance training (LME). At rest, during of the training session and 30 minutes of recovery, the measures of the expired air were made through metabolic gases analyzer and module of telemetry. There were not significant differences (p > .05) in EC at rest before MS session  and LME session, the EC in kcal/min was higher (p < .01) during LME  than MS, and the total EC of  MS  was higher (p > .05) than LME session. The energy expenditure returned to resting values before 30 minutes in both sessions. It was concluded that the MS and LME weight training sessions resulted in a low EC.





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