Treino Proprioceptivo na Prevenção e Reabilitação de Lesões nos Jovens Atletas


  • Márcio L. P. Domingues



The risk of injury comes with sport participation. The functional limitation quite often comes from the instability originated from an articular injury. Proprioception is, in fact, a sum of reactions that result on a cumulative neural input into the Central Nervous System (CNS) of mechanoreceptors in the articulations, ligaments, muscles, tendons and skin. Functional rehabilitation is an extension of normal physical therapy. Its purpose is to allow rapid recovery of the athlete to its high sports motor patterns. We will review injuries from various articulations in respect to proprioceptive training. There is a lot of evidence that proprioceptive training diminishes the incidence of some injuries, and that proprioceptive reeducation contributes a lot to the lost of fear and quick return to work, as well as to sport activities.



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