Stretch influence on pre-competitive stress on juvenile soccer players


  • José Alexandre Curiacos de Almeida Leme
  • Ricardo Augusto Barberi
  • Karina Junqueira Curiacos
  • Priscila Valim Rogatto



Soccer show a series of stress-generated situations. The stretching may contribute to decrease this stress negative effects. The pre-competitive moment is stress generator. The objective of this study was to verify the effects of stretch on pre-competitive stress in soccer players. To this, 17 juvenile soccer players were allocated into two groups: control group(CG) and stretch group (SG). All participants responded to TEF (Stress soccer test) and GA stretching during 30 minutes while GC not realized any physical activity. After this, both groups responded to TEF and was inverted in the next game. The situations “sleep badly on previous night” and “Be damaged for arbitrator” was evaluated with more negative reponses while “Himself charged to win” and “The adversary is the favourite” was evaluated with more positive reponses. SG showed positive evaluations increased compared to CG, decreased on nule response and decreased on -1 and -3 responses. GC showed decrease in -2 responses. Concluded that pre-competitive situation modify negatively the athletes evaluation while the stretch interfere positively in front the evaluation of stressor situations in juvenile players.



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