Some considerations about sport ethics


  • Carla Marisa Moreira
  • Gui Duarte Pestana



In a society in which the values are inconstant alterations in the behaviour of each individual, identification of the same values in the young athletes  is of vital importance in order that better the process is understood by which you link they take determined decisions, in athletic situations. The questions associated to the ethics in the sport, and more specifically than concern the athletic spirit and the tolerance, assume today an added importance. In fact, we cannot deny the importance, in several extents, of the practice and of the athletic show, it is necessary to recognize them tome also what they reveal themselves how special fields, in which the ends – to win – justify any ways – violence, the corruption, the fraud, to wanting to win to all and any cost, the doping, the disloyalty, the absence of athletic spirit, etc. The Sports Ethics appears like a moral structure that defines some limits for the behaviour of the sportsmen, of form to preserve an athletic civilized system. It is possible to compete respecting the adversary, recognizing his value and competence, seeing it like an essential opponent, without whom there is not competition. Several investigators defend that the participation, of the children and adolescents in physical activities contributes to a global and harmonious development of the same, because it will have to give attention to the importance of the athletic spirit like component of the process of development of the child and adolescents. With this work some reflections were intended to present on the acquisition of values and beginnings in the athletic context.



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