The influence of the training of resistance and the aerobic training on the hormonal concentrations of testosterone and cortisol


  • Marcelo Rangel de Araújo



The goal of this paper is to review the influence of aerobic training and resistance in the acute and chronic concentrations of hormones testosterone and cortisol. In addition, it looks at other important factors, such as age, feeding and circadian rhythm which can modify the concentration of testosterone and cortisol acutely thus making it difficult the understanding of the hormonal answers unchained by the training. Although the diverse controversies found in the present study, the periodical and high intensity activities seem to stimulate bigger releases of testosterone and little release of cortisol, contributing , consequently, to the levels of force and muscular hypertrophy. However, new studies need to be carried out with adjusted delineations respecting the diverse interactions (feeding, age, sex, level of experience with the physical training, etc.) that involve the physical training.



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