Reasons for physical practice according to the perceived competence level: a pilot study


  • Ana Pavón Lores
  • Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia
  • Estélio H. M. Dantas



Taking into account that the interests evolve along the different ages, and their unquestionable influence on the level of physical activity in adults, we have decided to carry out an analysis of the motivations of the university students toward the physical and sport activities, assisting to diverse factors like the gender, the age, the practice level and the pleasure for the sport. Therefore, we have developed the Questionnaire dealing with motivations and interests in sport and physical activities on a sample of 1512 university students. So, the practitioners of physical and sport activities will explain their participation in this activities, for reasons linked to keep fit and to the benefits of the exercise for the health; the non practitioners base their behavior in that the physical and sport practice removes time for the study and in the lack of interest, and the students to have practiced sport previously, but that they have stopped to practice it at the moment, they point out the lack of spare time and the level of requirement of their studies like reasons to explain their sport behavior. If it deals with a preliminary study and future the questionnaire will have to be validated through statistics analysis.



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