Serum ck concentration is modulated by exercise but not creatine supplementation


  • Marco Machado
  • Felipe Sampaio-Jorge
  • André Teixeira- Ferreira
  • Franz W. Knifis



Exercises are inductive of increases in serun CK concentration, microinjuries marker, being speculated that the use of creatine supplementation would increases this effect. The aim of this study was to verify if creatine supplementation modifies the concentration of CK in sedentary submitted the exercises. Twenty seven sedentary men, between 18 and 25 years had participated of controlled a double-blind study placebo. In the first day all had been submitted to a evaluation and later divided in 2 groups: C (n = 15) and P (n = 12). After the supplementation all had been submitted to a program of 5 exercises (3x10 repetitions) 85% of 1RM. The subjects had the concentration of CK measured before the supplementation, immediately before, 4h and 24h after the exercises. It had increase in the MCT of the subjects supplemented with creatine (0,7 ± 0,3kg). the variation of the concentration of CK did not have increase of measured after the supplementation and after the exercise, however the CK concentration after increased 24h in both the groups (253 ± 27% in 262 group C and ± 31% in group P). The difference of the CK concentration after-exercise (24h) was bigger in both the groups analyzed in this study without, however to show effect of the supplementation.



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