Behavior of chlorine in half-ironman triathlon competition


  • Marcos Bürger-Mendonça
  • Aline Ribeiro Montenegro-Silva



The chlorine is anion of bigger concentration in the extra cellular way and plays a role in the maintenance of the electrochemical neutrality of extra cellular fluid. This study it had the objective to verify the values of chlorine before and after half-ironman triathlon competition. Six volunteers had participated of the present study, with average age of 27 ± 6 years. There were submitted two blood samples collections, after eight hours dietary restriction (t= 0) and immediately to the ending of the competition of each athlete (t=1). The average time of test was of 4:58:19 ± 0:28:04 min. The values if had presented inside of normality. The plasmatic concentration of chlorine 103,70 e 107,00 mEq/L in T=0 e de 90,00 a 110,00 mEq/L in T=1 and the average values had been of 105,53±1,11 mEq/L em T=0 e de 99,50±8,47 mEq/L em T=1.These results, even so not statistic significant (P=0,160), had disclosed to a reduction of 5,68% in relation to the values of Chlorine before and after-competition. The competition time after did not present a significant correlation with chlorine concentration after the race (R= 0,028; P= 0,958). We conclude that after halfironman competition the concentration of chlorine presented a reduction no significant possibly due an excellent hydrolytic replacement.



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