Proposition of a regression equation of peak heart rate for indoor cycling


  • Leandro Abreu Pereira
  • Rui Manuel Garganta



Background: one of the most successful academy modalities is the Indoor Cycle (IC), however, the effort control intensity isn’t always carried through, and when it is, it appeals to a universal formula that might have underlying a gross error. Objectives: (1) suggesting an equation to determine the Peak of FC or FC max E to be applied in the classes of IC and (2) comparing the formula suggested by us together with the ACSM (2006) propositions, Fox et al (1991) Tanaka (2001). Methodology: the sample is constituted by 135 adults (33 ± 9 years), who practise Indoor Cycling, for about 6 months and apparently healthy according to ACSM (2002) criterie. During a class, it was suggested a protocol of evaluation of the peak of FC or FCmaxE, suggested by Garganta and Roig (2005). The data were collected with a Polar Team System TM, in the “Stress Out”, “Paços Health Club”, “Bfree Fitness Club” and “Academy Impact” academies. Results: according to the analysis to the regression coefficients, the following equation come up: FCmaxE (IC) =205-0,7*Idade, (r=0,61, r2=0,36, epe=7,5 bpm). Discussion: we verified that there are significant differences between the estimated formula during the Indoor Cycle classes and currently and used formulas and the regression equations must be understood as you specify and not universal.



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