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Hypertension, renovascular, Percutaneous transluminal angioplasty, ultrasonography, Doppler


We report a clinical case of renovascular disease, probably linked to fibromuscular dysplasia, in a 12 months old boy with severe arterial hypertension with target-organ damage, highlighting the radiological approach.

Initial investigation included renal ultrasound that showed normal sized kidneys, with normal cortical echogenicity on the right and focally increased echogenicity of the posterior aspect of the left kidney, forming a mass-like lesion. Magnetic resonance imaging excluded renal tumor, which was confirmed by ultrasound guided biopsy. A doppler ultrasonography was also performed suggesting a right renal artery stenosis and decreased flow to the posterior aspect of the left kidney. Angiography with diagnostic and therapeutic intention was performed: right renal artery stenosis was detected and transluminal ballon dilation was performed; the left renal artery bifurcated precociously and the branch that irrigated the posterior part of the kidney had a stenosis which was also successfully dilated. After the intervention good blood pressure control with antihypertensive drugs was achieved, which was not possible before the angiographic procedure.

The authors underline various methods of imaging used to accurately diagnose renovascular disease and the usefulness of interventional radiology treatment for this disease in very young children.


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