System of tactical assessment in Soccer (FUT-SAT): Development and preliminary validation


  • Israel Teoldo da Costa
  • Júlio Garganta
  • Pablo Juan Greco
  • Isabel Mesquita
  • José Maia



The purpose of this paper was to report the development and preliminary validation of tactical assessment system in Soccer and highlight its advantages. The validation process followed five perspectives of the concept of validity that consider the value of heuristic methods and the importance of the description of behavior performed in playing situations. Thus, the process of validation was focused on four points: i) acceptability and reasonableness of the test perceived by players; ii) analysis of content of assessment tool through a panel of experts; iii) potential of the assessment tool to discriminate the quality of the performance of players; iv) observation reliability. The results displayed values higher than 0.63 for correlation between the evaluations of coaches and the system. It shows the potential of this system to distinguish the performances of players based on the evaluations of coaches. The players who performed the field test agreed with its physical demands and spatial and normative configurations. All experts endorsed the categories and variables of this system. The reliabilities showed values higher than 0.79 for intra and inter-observers. Therefore, it is possible to conclude that the system is valid and reliable for the assessment of the tactical behavior of soccer players.



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