Worker's life conditions in the teaching profession: Association between lifestyle and quality of life at work among physical education teachers


  • Jorge Both
  • Juarez Vieira do Nascimento
  • Christi Noriko Sonoo
  • Carlos Augusto Fogliarini Lemos
  • Adriano Ferreti Borgatto



The aim of this study was to identify the degree of correlation between quality of life at work (QVT) and personal lifestyle (EV) among physical education teachers. The sample, 1645 teachers, was selected in three phases. The first phase divided southern Brazil into federal states. The second subdivided each state into mesoregions and the third considered individual regional teaching centers. Data collection used questionnaires to evaluate QVT and EV. The single group Chi-square Test was used to establish discrepancies of opinion and behavior and the Spearman Test to evaluate correlations between the investigated variables, with a significance level of 5%. The results showed that the teachers are unsatisfied with salaries, working conditions, social integration and available leisure time; also revealed poor diet and stress control and limited personal physical activity. Evidence to support an association between specific concerns and socio-environmental position was insufficient to establish correlations between QVT and EV.



Original Article

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