Association between functional fitness and overweight in elderly women


  • Cassiano Ricardo Rech
  • Jackson Luis Scarpim Cruz
  • Eliane Denise da Silveira Araújo
  • Flávio Guimarães Kalinowski
  • Rodolfo André Dellagrana



The purpose of this study was to verify the association between functional fitness (FF) and excessive fatness (EF) in aged women. Three hundred ninety four women, averaged 69.4 years of age (DP = 3.4 years), participated in the study. FF was measured by means of a battery of motor tests. EF was determined by corporal mass and height measurements. FF was compared with AAHPERD normative values. Chi-square test (p < .05) was applied in order to verify an association between FF and EF. EF prevalence was 46.5% and there was an association (p < .05) between the index of functional aptitude (IAFG) and EF. Among those with EF, 87.8% presented a weak IAFG. EF was associated with a 5.07 (IC 95% = 3.12 – 7.14) times greater chance of lower FF. Results point to the conclusion that morphologic condition (EF) needs to be considered in evaluating FF in aged women.



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