Identification of strategies used by Physical Education teachers to prevent the Bullying


  • Maxiano Dâmaso Martins
  • Slomara Aparecida Silva
  • Daniel Barbosa Coelho
  • Lenice Kappes Becker
  • Emerson Cruz Oliveira



The objective of this study was to investigate the perception of Physical Education teachers about the occurrence of bullying in the schools that act and to list the actions used to prevent the problem. A semi-structured interview was the instrument used in this qualitative study. Based on the results, it is possible to affirm that schools are not committed to planning and applying strategies that can prevent the phenomenon of bullying. The data also indicate that initial training may have been deficient in preparing teachers to understand and combat such violence. It is hoped that this study may lead to reflection not only the teachers involved, but also higher education institutions as well as schools so that the bullying is properly studied and combated.