Didactic book in physical education: the public experiences of João Pessoa and Paraná


  • Camila Batista Carlos
  • José Pereira Melo




In everyday scholastic life, generally used in many curricular components, the didactic book shows up like one of the possible materials to auxiliary the university professor. Such resource is used as well for university professor and student, allows the chaining of what will be the agenda in the education’s relations, through proposes of activities and texts that will guide discussions, life experiences, and search. Was in the State of Paraná the pioneering to produce the public didactic book for the scholar Physical Education, a similar initiative found on Nordeste, it is the publication of the Public Book of the City of João Pessoa, Paraiba’s capital. The searching has the main objective of analyses the didactic books for the teaching of the scholar Physical Education of these two teaching public systems, that contemplates different levels of teaching and representatives for the professional field, considering the work configurations and his contents. With the qualitative character, the searching route to the discussions starting from the analysis of content proposed by Bardin (2011). For having the online available characteristic, they could be used as a support material to other professors of another teaching systems