Effect of Exercise in young adolescents Physical Self-Perceptions: a systematic review with meta-analysis


  • Larissa R Silva
  • Joice F Stefanello
  • Wendell A Lopes
  • José Pedro L Ferreira
  • Neiva Leite




The aim of this study was to perform a systematic review on the effects of exercise programs on adolescent´s Physical Self-perceptions and compare the magnitude of the effect using a meta-analysis. A search in Pubmed and PsychInfo databases was conducted ranging from January 2005 to May 2015 and using the following keywords in English language: “exercise”, “adolescents”, “physical self-perception”, “self-concept”. After the application of inclusion and exclusion criteria, 10 articles were included in the review, however only seven were included in the meta-analysis after assessing the methodological quality of the studies. The meta-analysis was conducted using the Comprehensive meta-analysis version 2.2. software. The majority of studies included multidisciplinary programs, however, they used different types of exercise. Physical exercise intervention programs had a positive effect on young adolescents self-perceptions in the physical domain when compared to the subjects in the control group (no exercise) and the magnitude of the effect was Z = 3.44 (p≤0.001). However, more studies are needed to confirm the isolated effects of exercise on the way that teenagers perceive themselves in the physical domain, and about the type of exercise that has the greatest potential to generate these effects.





Review Article

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